Trailer – Season One

Welcome to The Fabulist: the stories behind the world’s most interesting studios and production companies.


JOEL PILGER (VO): This is a story about storytellers, creators, filmmakers, and Fable finders. Those intrepid souls who launched a business only to wake up one day and discover they had built an empire. 

Strategic creatives like Joe and Mikon. 

MIKON VAN GASTEL (CLIP): When you are an entrepreneur and you’re in this business, the forces around you are fucking with everything you are trying to build.

JOEL PILGER (VO): Real and raw founders like Marcel 

MARCEL ZIUL (CLIP): To just like show your pitches to your competitor and say, bro, you kicked my ass. Teach me here, please. I need to learn. 

JOEL PILGER (CLIP): And how did they respond? 

MARCEL ZIUL (CLIP): They showed me their pitches. 


JOEL PILGER (VO): And makers like Erin, who I asked, what does it take to run a great creative business?

ERIN SAROFSKY (CLIP): Everything’s a hustle. It’s not being built on the back of a, you know, a mountain that was already there. 

JOEL PILGER (VO): One thing is clear, these creatives dismissed the safer path and ignored convention. 

JOE WRIGHT (CLIP): What the company is today is completely different from what it was when we started it.

JOEL PILGER (VO): I’m Joel Pilger and this is my new podcast, the Fabulist. Brought to you by Coupe Studios and Arbo Radiko.

I’ve made a list and I’m traveling the world to capture the stories of these fabulous people behind the world’s most interesting studios and production companies. Listen for a deep dive with names like Sibling Rivalry, State Design, Sarofsky, and many more to come. 

To hear these stories, and their legacies – I’ll see you there.