Erin at Sarofsky

On the journey to building a legacy, there is a fine line between fragility and stability.



“This image is a cloche we have in the studio filled with all the original illustrations on cootie catchers (or fortune tellers) that we did for the Community main title sequence. This was a very special job for us for many reasons

First, it was our first ever main title as a studio … I of course had done others with other places. But this was our first as Sarofsky

This was also my introduction to the Russo brothers, which is a relationship filled with 15 years of amazing collaborations. As I am about to hop on a call with them in a few minutes with their latest show.

The Russos also introduced me to the team at Marvel Studios… which as you can imagine was the beginning of a lot of amazing creative work for us.

All roads back lead to Community. Which has become an iconic title sequence in its own right.”

– Erin Sarofsky